Santa Claus Visits Fresno

Elijah Romero

From November 18th to Christmas Eve, Santa Claus greets hundreds of people a day in the corridors of the Fashion Fair Mall. Unfortunately, due to rules that the mall placed regarding photos, no personal photography was allowed between The Bullard Charger and Santa Claus.

On a merrier note, The Bullard Charger had the special opportunity to have a personal interview with Santa on his lap.

When Santa was asked about how many presents he expects to deliver to kids and adults who landed on his nice list this year, Santa stated, “I expect to deliver a lot of presents this year, there were a lot of people on the nice list this year and I’m very glad about that!”

Santa then went on and raved about his favorite cookies to eat while sleighing by homes on Christmas. “When I deliver presents, I like chocolate chip cookies but I wouldn’t mind some other cookies such as OREO and snickerdoodle, I appreciate those who provide me with that every year the same as those who don’t.”

As a result, Santa was very happy to greet the people of Fresno and deliver Christmas presents to all who landed on his nice

To add on Mr. Claus expressed, “Ho-Ho-Ho, I wish you all a very merry Christmas to all at Bullard!”