The Season of Volunteering


Eden Freeman

As the holiday season approaches, a common activity cherished by annual celebrators is that of volunteering. There is a feeling of gratitude and cheer in these last months of the year, prompting more people than ever to give back to their community. The surge of volunteer opportunities may become overwhelming for some, but The Charger is here to help prospective volunteers to decide how they will be helping their community this holiday season.


There are various reasons someone may choose to give back. Volunteering connects people to their community as well as provides a way to exhibit their passions. Kiauna Croger, the volunteer coordinator with Breaking the Chains, explained during a Friendsgiving fundraiser that so many people come in to help the organization solely due to their desire to fight against human trafficking. This compassion is evident in other organizations as ordinary people do their part to help their community.


 With forest fires, increasing domestic abuse and poverty rates, and a pandemic to top it all off, there are quite a few needs within the community that can be helped through volunteer work. Places open to volunteers in Fresno this year include the Poverello House, Central Valley Animal Shelter, the Community Food Bank, and the Red Cross. These opportunities allow volunteers to directly aid those in their community who are in need, a cause deemed by Croger as “Increasingly important, especially with all of the chaos happening right now.” Not only are direct volunteer opportunities available, but there are many causes that one can donate to. Funds and supplies can be donated to those who have lost their homes to the Creek Fire, blankets donated to Project Linus provide support and comfort to sick children, funds donated to the Marjaree Mason Center directly help survivors of domestic abuse, With all these causes and more, volunteering this holiday season is not only a viable option, but a necessity in order to help the community. In the words of Croger, “The holidays have always been a time of giving, and this season it is more necessary than ever.”