Christmas Around The World


Alexis Garza

Christmas is a special time for families everywhere. In Australia, since its Summer during Christmas, Aussies usually go outside if it is not too hot and eat freshly caught seafood at a BBQ. Australians make a traditional roast turkey and Christmas pudding before exchanging gifts. They decorate inside and outside of their homes much like Americans. To keep cool during the hot summer, they spend time at the beach in holiday hats to get away from the heat while staying in the Christmas spirit.

Things in Mexico are quite different than how things are in Australia. In Mexico, Christmas starts from December 12th all way until January 6th. People in Mexico like to add their own little flair to the holiday with candle-lit processions (Posadas), Spanish carols with fireworks and dancing. Mexico hosts a religious feast every year on December 12th called Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe. Mexican pilgrims travel from across the country to La Basilica located in the heart of Mexico City to visit where the Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego. Once fireworks are set off, the streets are filled with parades and live music. In Mexico, children don’t get presents from “Santa.” Instead, they receive gifts on Christmas Eve and on January 6th for Día de Reyes. Huge Christmas trees are placed in the city center, decorated with lights and ornaments to celebrate the special Holiday Day and bring Christmas joy to the city.  A special tradition in Mexican foods is making Tamales during the holidays. As well as a deep-fried flour tortilla coated in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar called Buñuelo.

Getting to spend time with family and friends, celebrating traditions and adding their own flair to the holiday is what makes Christmas day special.