Miniature Christmas Villages


Willie Muhammad-Sanders

Miniature Christmas villages began in the 1700s in Poland and in some areas of central and western Europe. At that time, people in Europe began making miniature buildings and using them for their Christmas decorations.  Eventually it became known all around the world. This was so popular because the miniature houses and buildings usually contained small holes inside them in which lights were placed making the tree sparkle. Also, they were made of inexpensive material which also made them affordable.  

The biggest miniature Christmas village in the world was created by Roger Sherman. This Christmas Village was so big that it took over 2 weeks to set up and 2 weeks to take down. My mother makes miniature Christmas villages, and she says the reason why she makes them is because, “They make my Christmas tree look great for Christmas, and it makes my kids feel happy”.   

People all around the world started to collect Christmas Villages because the companies that create them stopped making certain designs, so this made Christmas Villages Limited Time Collectables. You can buy Christmas Villages at Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc.