Hot Chocolate


Miaa Brown

Drinking hot chocolate is a popular Christmas tradition. Because of this, a variety of businesses offer hot chocolate during the holiday season.

Starbucks offers hot cocoa, amongst other seasonal beverages. Their drinks come in festive cups this time of year, which enhances the holiday feel. Their classic hot chocolate is made with steamed milk, whipped cream, and mocha drizzle

Dutch Bros also sells hot chocolate this time of year. Their hot chocolate includes milk chocolate and whipped cream to the top. They offer many flavors including, peppermint, vanilla bean, and pumpkin spice.

The last place that sells some decent hot chocolate here in Fresno is Uncle Harrys. Uncle Harrys sells creamy hot chocolate with no whipped cream but foam on the top. They also add chocolate shavings on to add decoration.  

After going and tasting all these hot chocolates there can only be one true hot chocolate winner. The best hot chocolate option to get here in Fresno Is from Starbucks; even though Dutch Bros and Uncle Harrys have very good hot chocolate, they don’t have the Christmas aspect that Starbucks does. Starbucks hot chocolate does not only come in a fun festive cup it also has the perfect consistency of whipped cream and hot chocolate and the perfect temperature. In the end, the overall winner of where to get hot chocolate is Starbucks but if you don’t like hot chocolate you could also get a wide variety of coffee there too.