Christmas Horror Stories


Kylaha Malone

Christmas horror stories date back thousands of years and are rooted in the ancient celebrations of the winter solstice. On December 22nd the sun slows down making less sunlight during the day. Some say scary things happen at night, so if there’s a day that has more darkness, there will be stories and theories about spooky things. One theory is that doomsday arrives on that same `22nd, and everyone will die. That’s scary if you ask me. Some of the horror stories are somewhat related to the winter solstice like Krampus, the Yule Lads, etc.

Most commonly these stories all either have a “Bad Santa” or creepy little elves. A popular Christmas horror story other than Krampus is Belsnickle, sounds weird right. Belsnickle appears only on Christmas Eve as a ‘’ Disheveled traveler ‘’ that wears a mask and furs while holding a switch or whip. Can you guess why he carries a whip or switch?  He beats the naughty children to death with them. His legend originated in Southwestern Germany but has moved towards Pennysylvania and the Netherlands. 

An interesting one is the ‘’Sack man’’. In his sack, he carries around naughty children. Sack man has other names like, “The Boogeyman” or “El Hombre Del Saco” because he originated in the Latin regions. The Sack man was described as an ‘’ugly and skinny old man who eats the misbehaving children he collects’’. He supposedly appears in Brazil, Armenia, Georgia, Portugal, and Spain. He is said to be jealous of Santa Claus which is why he chose to start taking all of the naughty children, in hopes of being noticed. He is like a Christmas nightmare while Santa Claus is the Christmas dream.

Gryla, also known as the’’ Christmas ogress’’ is an Icelandic Christmas folklore figure. She is considered to be the mother of the Yule Lads, a group of 13 pranksters who steal or harass the population, and all have names that convey their favorite way of harassing. They all come into the town one at a time during the last 13 nights before Christmas to wreak havoc. Gryla is worse than all of them combined. She has no problem devouring you if she senses you misbehaving and sometimes even rounds up enough naughty kids to make stew. She is seen to have a black cat by her side but it is no ordinary black cat. The cat eats children just as she does. They show no mercy and as long as she and her cat can get their hands on you it’s game over.

These are all creepy even for someone who seeks the thrill from grimy tales. Although it’s still a little bit extreme. Christmas isn’t as bright and cheerful as you thought before reading this. All these stories don’t exactly shock me because this world has so many dark secrets and we have yet to find out about all of them.