Unusual Pies


Lucy Larios

Baking pie is a popular Christmas tradition. While classics like apple pie and pumpkin pie can spice up the holiday season, there are other creative recipes to bring to the table. 

Shoofly Pie is a pie made with molasses. Since lots of fruit is out of season in the wintertime, it’s convenient to have a recipe that does not require any. This pie was created in 1876, in celebration of the Declaration of Independence’s 100th anniversary. It was inspired by treacle tarts, a shortbread dessert that was extremely popular in 19th century Britian. 

Saskatoon Rhubarb Pie originates from the Prairies region of Canada. Saskatoons are a type of berry grown in North America, Alaska, and western Canada. They are like blueberries in appearance, but have a sweet, nutty flavor. This pie differs from regular Saskatoon Berry Pie because it contains rhubarb, which gives it a festive, red color. 

Vinegar pie has been around for almost 200 years. This pie is made from household staples like vinegar, eggs, and sugar, so a trip to the grocery store is not required. It can be jazzed up with fresh fruit and other garnishes. 

Shoofly Pie Recipe: https://pastrychefonline.com/shoo-fly-pie/  

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