DIY Wreaths


Addison Rangel

When it comes to Christmas, many get into the spirit by decorating their homes and yards with festive decorations. Many creative minds even DIY their own Christmas decorations. Here are some DIY wreaths you could make this holiday season…

 To make a gingerbread wreath you will need gingerbread cookies, a wreath hoop, faux fine branches, and hot glue. Begin by baking the cookies and cutting them into your desired shape. Frost the cookies and leave them to sit overnight, so the icing can harden. Attach the cookies to the front of the wreath hoop by dabbing a bit of glue on the back of each cookie. Finally, glue the faux pine onto the back of the wreath.

To make a poinsettia wreath you will need a wreath hoop, red felt, red ribbon, faux berries, and hot glue. Start by wrapping the wreath hoop in the ribbon. Then, make the petals by cutting the felt into both large and small teardrop shapes. To create a flower shape glue 5 large petals onto the wreath hoop and layer 5 small petals on top. Add faux berries to the center of the flowers as a finishing touch.

To make a frosted wreath you will need an artificial pine wreath, white spray paint, pinecones, faux berries, and hot glue. Start by spraying a small amount of spray paint onto the wreath and pinecones and allow them to dry. Then, hot glue a grouping of pinecones to the top of the wreath and a few single pinecones around the rest of the wreath. Finally, glue on some faux berries as a pop of color.