Christmas Books


Ruben Casados

The Holidays are a perfect time to cozy up by the fireplace with a good book. Here are four book recommendations to get into the Christmas spirit.

#1 In A Holidaze
In A Holidaze is a popular new romance novel from New York Times Best Selling author Christina Lauren. The book follows Maelyn Jones, a young woman at a major crossroads in her life on the Christmas of her nightmares. Jones struggles with a dead-end job and a recently failed romance while coming to terms with her parents’ plan to sell her childhood holiday home in Utah. Defeated, she utters a desperate plea to the universe to show her what will bring her happiness. Suddenly, Jones finds herself transported one week back in time before it all went wrong. Making one mistake after the other, always being returned to the same point in time, Maelyn Jones must figure out how to break free from her supernatural circumstances and make the most of her last Christmas in Utah.

#2 Death Comes at Christmas
Death Comes at Christmas chronicles the story of amateur detective Mrs. Bradley, whose relaxing vacation to the English countryside is interrupted by the death of a local lawyer. Presumed by the town to be natural causes, Mrs. Bradley suspects something far more sinister. The sleuth must work against the clock to protect the people around her from an unknown killer in this chilling Christmas murder mystery, written by Gladys Mitchell.

#3 The Toymakers
The year is 1917, and England is recovering from the destruction of World War I. In one of the darkest periods in human history, there remains one shining beacon of hope for children across the country. In the middle of Mayfair, a bustling district of London sits an enchanted toy shop—Papa Jack’s Toy Emporium. A family business, run by the eponymous toymaker Papa Jack, takes in young orphan Cathy Wray. Follow her journey of discovery in this fantastic historical-fiction novel, written by Robert Dinsdale.

#4 The Nutcracker
This classic Christmas fairytale by E.T.A. Hoffman has spawned numerous successful theatrical and cinematic adaptations over the years. A cultural landmark, the original novel follows the story of Marie Stahlbaum, a young Prussian girl, who’s thrust into a world of magic and wonder after her favorite Christmas toy, a nutcracker, comes to life. Marie must face off against the evil Mouse King and save the mystical doll kingdom.