Egg Nog 101


Free public domain CC0 photo.

Jahvon Howard

Eggnog is a traditional Christmas staple, yet a mysterious drink.  When most people are asked about it, they would likely give the same broad responses and unsure stares. In short, Eggnog is a seasonal dairy product that many love or hate, with no in-between.

The consistency of Eggnog is normally thick and rich in flavor. The main ingredients consist of milk, heavy whipped cream, egg yolks, and whipped egg whites. The originally spiked version is called milk punch, which many adults consume during the holidays.

The main thing about eggnog is that it has no specific taste. Whether homemade or store-bought, the flavor seems to be going in a general direction but always seems different. Usually, the drink falls under a vanilla taste or cinnamon twist. Many factors can change eggnog’s taste, whether it be the process by which it is made, where the ingredients come from, or where you drink it.

One of my favorite eggnogs is the Southern Comforts red carton that gets the flavor right every time. Horizon Organic is an all-around good dairy producer so they can be trusted with eggnog. Lastly, Golden eggnog which was recommended to me by trusted sources is consistent with its product. If the chance to get eggnog comes around, use this article as a base to make your decision.