Gifts For Teens!


Jahvon Howard

As the gift-giving season approaches, the thought of what to buy for any teen becomes more daunting by the day. It has increasingly become more difficult for people to buy gifts as technology gets costly and interests change.

So, to those parents, siblings, or good friends out there who want to buy a good present for a teenager this should be a helpful guide.    

A majority of boys in their teenage years are into video games. Games that have come exclusive to PlayStation this year are God of War: Ragnarök, an action-adventure game, and Horizon: Zero Dawn, an action role-playing quest. The newest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released for all platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, and is generally well-liked by all demographics. In regards to VR (virtual reality), the Oculus Quest 2 is not just fun for teens, but for anyone with decent hand-eye coordination.

When it comes to gift-giving for girls, results can vary. Great options are softly scented perfumes such as “Champagne Toast” from Bath and Body works, or for something more prominent, “Cheers again” from Victoria’s secret is stellar. For a sweet and subtle fragrance, Brazilian Crush 62 is an amazing hair and body mist with hints of pistachio and caramel. In addition, makeup brushes could be a great gift set or stocking stuffer!

In this new age, clothes have adapted to a gender-neutral stage where anyone can rock anything. For example, Nike produced shoes that have become very popular such as the Air Force 1’s, Nike Black and White Dunks, and Jordan Retro 1’s that everyone loves. It is also sweatshirt/hoodie season, so a good plain hoody or crewneck is always acceptable. As one last suggestion, socks should always come with the gift, not a standalone.

Remember, people react differently to gifts, so it’s wise to do some research on the person before you buy. And if you are stuck still completely, a gift card or some cold hard cash can never go wrong.