Toys for Tots


Elijah Romero

Since 1947, the Marine Corps has run an organization called “Toys for Tots”  centered around collecting donated, unopened toys, to donate back to children in need.

75 years later, Toys for Tots has become a large staple of giving back in a nationwide effort for all children to have the opportunity for a great holiday season.

In addition, Toys for Tots donates around 17 million toys to around 7 million children every holiday season. Through the use of toy drives, virtual toy drives, a literacy program, and the use of peer-to-peer fundraising they locally support children and families.

Companies such as Walt Disney, Target, Pepsi, Hasbro, UPS, and Toys R Us are the organization’s largest corporate sponsors. As a result, Toys for Tots has so far donated around 627 million toys to 281 million children since its inception.

Moreover, Toys for Tots still looks to find ways to make Christmas and the holiday season possible for children of all ages, and with the help of their community, it is all possible. 

If you are looking to participate in the Toys for Tots cause, all information is on their website,