Op-Ed: Should Teachers Give Students Work Over Winter Break?


Chloe Martinez

Some teachers assign homework or an extra-credit assignment over Winter break causing a commotion among students. Most prefer to not have either and instead have fun with their friends and family, not having to worry about the responsibilities of school. 

While some teachers argue that such work helps to retain information or keeps their students sharp it does quite the opposite.

These breaks are aimed to take away from the stress of testing, homework, and the overall environment of being stuck in a classroom all day. Complete breaks allow for a detoxing of demanding work, especially for those in advanced classes.

When I get an assignment over the weekend, I try to get it done early or before the next school day starts. But if I get an assignment over break when I expect minimal work, I don’t think it is just to be forced into work just to make ends meet for a passing grade.

If the grade was the subject matter, teachers should focus on such only during the school week considering you are meant to be in an environment for questions to be asked inside the classroom. When you are at home it is hard to work on an assignment when you don’t have the resources the school provides. It is not fair to both their pupils who face struggles and teachers who complain about grading.

In terms of mental health, to have to work on something new every day is exhausting. I think it is better for your mental health to not receive homework and provide students with a release.

I feel as though school breaks should be reserved for personal time only, making an emphasis on the “break” portion. It ultimately helps your self-esteem, your self-confidence, and social anxiety, and spending the time to work on yourself and your motivations instead of academic duties is crucial to a student’s life.