Access Denied in the Bullard Bathrooms


Mia Banuelos

Among students at Bullard, the bathrooms have been an issue of irritation. Broken hand dryers, messy stalls, and closed bathrooms across campus are all problems that cause issues among students. Recently The Charger distributed a survey relating to the problem.

Students believe bathroom restrictions are unfair. It makes it seem as if they are being disciplined instead of those who destroy the resources. 

An anonymous student stated; “ I feel like students who mess up the bathrooms and do things there shouldn’t ruin it for everyone.”

The biggest issue with the restrooms being closed surrounds students using them for the wrong reasons. Many have admitted to not liking the bathroom at school because of other students. 

Students feel that issues need to be fixed; equipment needs to be repaired or upgraded because it’s a hassle to just dry their hands. On top of broken hand dryers, multiple students take up most stalls for wrongful usage.

Students have also found issues with them being closed, claiming it is annoying walking to open bathrooms across campus and wasting time. It then turns into an ongoing process when the teachers start to wonder where their student has gone.

The anonymous student stated; “it’s very annoying…then you have to walk to another bathroom… Waste class time and sometimes those bathrooms are locked as well.” It’s becoming a bigger issue as the year progresses, and it won’t stop until we do something about it.   

 This reoccurring issue is something students hope to see fixed at Bullard as Winter break approaches.