All About Christmas Trees


Bryza Areola

As December approaches, many begin looking for the perfect Christmas tree. Although environmentally, fake trees are ideal to reuse while lowering the costs of spending on a tree, many still enjoy the feeling of a fresh tree. A good time to get a tree is now!

There are more than 35 different types of Christmas trees. There are many tree sizes between a 2 ft tree and to 330 ft tree. There are thin and thick trees. But what is ideal is finding a tree to balance all decorations and color schemes.  There are different types of colored trees, there are dark green, yellowish green, rich green, bluish green, light bluish green, green, silver-blue, and bluish-grey.

 Getting trees that smell good gives your home a Christmas scent which makes them all the better.  The most popular trees are the noble fir, fraser fir, and balsam fir. It’s also great to keep in mind that some trees don’t have a scent at all and that can be a great tree for people that have allergies. Crabapples and dogwood trees are the most prominent.

Tree leaves can all be different, some can be flat and needle-like, some are twisted and come in pairs, and some grow in a conical shape. Choosing one of these options is optimal when considering how they will look with gifts under them.

Carefully considering all factors is a must this Christmas season.