Tis the Season for Music!


Mariah Carey was thawing on November 30th, and at midnight, every single station is Mariah Carey’s hit song All I Want for Christmas is You. The crisp winter air, hot chocolate at the cozy fireplace, and the most beautiful tree – encapsulate the Christmas vibe eternally

Come to think of it, music is incredibly significant in the capture of this vibe in that—once you hear Mariah Carey’s tune or Jingle Bells, Let It Snow—whatever it is, you get into the Christmas spirit. Together, we will go on a journey of nostalgia, coziness, and clear-cut classics that will stick with us, ranking the top ten songs for the holiday season.

 (1) Last Christmas, by Wham, highlights a bittersweet love story that just happened to go sour on the chilly holiday. This song is very solid and an incredible classic, recognizable with just a single note.

(2) Feliz Navidad, by Jose Feliciano, is a household favorite that everyone knows, even if it is just two words! Regardless, this is quite a tune and gets anyone in a jolly mood.

(3) A Holly Jolly Christmas, by Burl Ives, is quite an uplifting jingle that when played on Christmas day, adds an extra layer to the excitement of the chilly, enigmatic feel of the morning.

 (4) It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas, by Michael Bublé, is probably one of the first things you hear on the car radio. He floods all radios and lets you enjoy a deep, rich voice.

(5) Underneath the Tree, by Kelly Clarkson, a fantastic piece that is very warm and welcoming, as well as relatable. This second half of amazing tunes hit the general population at the core, with these songs always remaining staples in the classic holiday spirit.

(6) Jingle Bell Rock, by Bobby Helms, is as exactly as it sounds. How was it created? Someone thought that Jingle Bells would sound nice in a rock-themed format. Were they right? Absolutely. This song is a nice nostalgic feel of jingle bells with an amazing “modern” rock feel.

(7) White Christmas Song, by Irving Berlin, has a nostalgic feel, yet it was based on a more solemn time. Berlin’s son had died before Christmas, and Berlin ended up writing the song to not just commemorate his son, but to also make an inviting tune so that he could share it with the world.

(8) Run Rudolph Run, by Chuck Berry, was a fantastic tune. This holds the record for the longest amount of time between a song hitting the charts and then breaking into the Top 10. When it was released in December 1958, it went to #69 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2019, it re-entered the chart at #45. This has the record for staying the most consistently relevant—so you should give it a listen.

(9) Winter Wonderland, by Michael Bublé, is an incredible piece. Michael just shows off his seductive voice for his audience’s attention. Just listening to him gives you a jolly feeling.

(10) Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, by Brenda Lee, is particularly good. It is a staple in Christmas cuisine. 

Christmas is amazing in itself because of the joyous occasion which includes hanging out with family, drinking eggnog or hot cocoa, sitting at the tree, or even having the exhilaration and anticipation of opening gifts on Christmas day. All in all, the ribbon that ties the present is the music that is coupled with these joyous occasions, whether it is Mariah Carey or Michael Bublé, everyone is happy when they hear a genuine classic.