Winners of the Hmong Academic Decathlon!

Genevieve Soto, Staff Writer

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Recently, Bullard’s Hmong students took part in the very 1st Hmong Academic Decathlon at Fresno City College. Eight high schools competed in the event. Sanger, Clovis, and Duncan highschool students won the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place all-around trophies. At this event, Bullard students won in 3 events!

For the Hmong Traditional Talent, Eric Moua won 2nd place, Logan Moua won 3rd place in Hmong Story/Folktale writing, and lastly Ayden Yang, Cody Vang, Mendy Lee, Alvin Lee, and Alicia Her won 3rd place for the Academic Marathon relay contest.

The students were sponsored by foreign language teacher Eliane Ly, who instructs students in French and Hmong. She was excited about the 1st Academic Decathlon.

“The purpose is to allow students in the Hmong courses in high schools to demonstrate their talents, skills, and knowledge in learning about the Hmong culture. I was inspired to enter our Bullard students who wanted to be a part of this historical event.”

Alicia Her, a student taking part in the Academic Marathon, explained the significance of the event.

“The relay race was an event based on time. The first game had teams of 5 members representing each school. There were tables at every corner with pieces of paper on it. There were questions written in Hmong about Hmong culture, history, parts of the human body, and so forth. We had to choose the right answer.”

She continued, “Once we answered the question, they would tell us if we got it right. If we did, we would have to run to another teammate who couldn’t move unless we tagged them. If we got the answer wrong, then we would have to do a challenge or a dare.”

The challenges were running a lap, participating in a rock game, a Hmong cultural bullhorn game that originated in South East Asia, and a bottle flipping game accompanied by cultural questions. 

Another participant, Mendy Lee, was proud to be a part of the event.

“It felt really awesome. I felt like I could express myself by dancing.”

She was joined by Eric Moua who was ecstatic, too. “It was really great. It feels like family.”

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