The 2019 Fresno Fair

Nevaeh Ricardo and Alina Veliz

        To kick off the fall season, Fresno welcomes back the Fresno Fair. From October 2nd to October 14 the fair will be open to the public for great food, games, rides, and activities. Many familiar faces such as Zara Larsson, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Keith Sweat and more will be performing. Tickets range from $15 to $20 for entree and $50 $100 for concerts.

        The fair is bringing some new attractions for the little ones. There are new activities at the Sierra to the Sea exhibit where they will showcase water flow, and teach children about water conservation. You can stop by Kids’ Town and checkout some wildlife. Mutton bustin’, a game that challenges kids from four to six years old to ride a sheep for six seconds,four years is making a comeback. Winners can receive money and prizes. There are also new concession stands that serve food ranging from  Luigi’s Pizza to Frozen Yogurt from The Fruit Caboose.

        The Fresno Fair brings people and families from all different backgrounds to come together and enjoy the annual tradition. The fair will mark it’s 136 year and we hope for it to continue for many more years to come.