High Gasoline Prices Curtailing Teen Driving

High Gasoline Prices Curtailing Teen Driving

Shaunte Gikey

Gasoline prices in California are two dollars higher than what other states charge and the prices are killing teens who are responsible for paying their own way. It’s putting a real dent in their allowances because prices are so stubbornly high. 

According to Bullard High School senior Amaya Garcia she’s had to cut back on  snacks and clothing money in order to afford to drive her car. “I can no longer drive around unnecessarily and I have to drive to school and back home,” she said. There’s no fooling around with friends anymore.”

     Gas prices have risen considerably since the summer.  Parents have to now worry about things like gasoline,cell phone bills,  car and insurance payments. As teens reach adulthood parents try to persuade them to become responsible by getting a job or some type of working experience. Bullard High School economics teacher, Jennifer Grandi says  parents already have to pay high household expenses and that’s without their teenagers car insurance and weekly gasoline bill.

An unscientific poll taken in an multi-leveled classroom revealed that most teen drivers are feeling the squeeze. Senior Jacob Rengstorf says ,” I’m working overtime to make ends meet. I’m spending 20 dollars more a week on gasoline.”

Tyler Meade, a junior, drives a Prius but still feels the sting of high gasoline prices. “Coming from West Virginia the prices were manageable, well under $3.00 a gallon. But here in California I was shocked at the prices and I am now dipping into my savings to support my driving habits.” 

Gasoline prices will most likely continue to be high due to the unrenewable resource used to make eco friendly gasoline according to Bullard High School teacher, Jennifer Grandi .The more we use gasoline the quicker it will run out and the more expensive it will be,  it would force teens to have to ration their money.