Strokes from Marijuana

Evelyn Davis

         How early do people start using marijuana? Marijuana may play games on our brains morphology and function. which is why it is the most illegal substance used in the world. People who start smoking marijuana early are at a higher risk of different types of diseases. The slightest use of marijuana on teens our age, can change quickly on there brains and can change on how they function. Another important thing is that marijuana has increased by 10 folds since the 1990’s.

        Using marijuana for a long period of time can cause death and many different brain and lung issues.

        The using of marijuana can hurt one’s health and lead to death because of the activities that people engage in when they’re high. Marijuana gives mental and cognitive issues including marijuana can leave people with loss of memory and learning abilities. Marijuana can also lead to depression and loneliness. Daily users of marijuana were 18 times more likely to become dependent on marijuana , and seven times likely to use illegal drugs.

        Marijuana may cause a stroke with these conditions , chronic coughing ,respiratory ,infections ,memory loss ,hallucinations ,anxiety and panic attacks ,psychosis ,suicidal thoughts ,depression ,tolerance and dependency.

        Strokes from marijuana happen very frequently, a healthy 34 year old man experienced the sudden of dizziness left arm and leg weakness and slow speaking because he was smoking a marijuana cigarette. This man smoked less then a pack of marijuana cigarettes per day for 15 years then he increased 7 to 14 marijuana cigarettes for 15 years. The sudden increase of marijuana caused him to have a severe stroke.

     When smoking marijuana young people are  twice as more likely to have a stroke then people who don’t use the drug at all. Marijuana has increased the number of strokes in the US making people much more likely to have a stroke and have cardiorascular from ages 18 to 44