Bedtime Reading Benefits


Tyler Meade

Many people do not know how many benefits come with reading before bed. Keeping people informed of how heavy these benefits weigh in on your life, could inspire people to make a healthy life change. Eleven percent of survey takers read one or two nights a week, twelve percent read three or four, seven percent read five or six, and eight percent read every single night. Of the crowd getting a few pages in five or more nights a week, the average time spent reading comes out to 43 minutes. Something extremely interesting is that according to researchers at the University of Sussex, just six minutes of reading reduces stress by 68%. Reading helps you sleep because when you are completely engulfed and focused on the book your body relaxes and tension is released.

Not only are there benefits that can help you improve currently, there are also long term benefits. Physiology plays the main role and is the explanation for why there are so many benefits that come along with reading. When you are reading you are actively engaging with your imagination,this is causing your brain to work and absorb more information.  Greater memory and mental abilities in all stages of life can be improved through reading before bed. Reading can also create better public speaking, and improve people in general.

Many inventors have come up with their creations by reading and learning the history and background. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, learned how to build rockets by reading books. He isn’t the only one, on average CEO’s read 60 books a year. These people are constantly busy, so an alternative to reading is to listen to podcasts. They still require your attention and have the same effects as visually reading,helping you to fall asleep faster.

Overall, The benefits of reading before bed weigh heavy in your life, and can build qualities you may have not had before starting to read before bed. It only takes a small amount of reading to start improving your life. The more consistent you are, the more benefits will come along and improve. If you are someone who struggles with sleeping, concentration, or stress than this is a life choice you should strongly consider.