Flu Death

Shanti Frazier and Nate Williams

Going into the 2020 flu season, deaths are up  65%. 48,000 have died and 87,000 have been hospitalized from the flu in 2019-2020. From these deaths, 32 were children, who are most vulnerable to the flu and it’s complications. People with weakened immune systems, adults older than age 65 and babies are all at a higher risk of contracting the flu.

 Visits to the healthcare providers for the flu have decreased for the week ending Jan,4. Which has confused people whether the flu season had peaked or whether the holidays stopped people from seeking medical attention. “The flu season began early this year and took off aggressively” said Dr.William  Schaffner, medical director for the national foundation for infectious Diseases. Right now the highest flu activity was clustered in 33 states. In total there is an estimate by CDC that 9.7 million people have gotten the flu so far this season 

Typical symptoms one can get from the flu include sore throat, fever, aches, chills, sweats, and fatigue according to the mayo clinic. If you are experiencing flu symptoms its recommended staying home form work and other public places to avoid transmitting the disease to others. Wash your hands often and avoid others who are ill. Getting vaccinated against the flu is the best way to protect against the disease, experts say.The flu may just sound like a minor disease, complications from the flu can include bronchitis, asthma flare-ups, pneumonia and heart problems that can be deadly, So take precautions to protect yourself and your children from the flu.

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