Two New Vice Principals at BHS

Two New Vice Principals at BHS

Judith Boyadjian

          Two new vice principals have joined the BHS family: Mr. Peters and Ms. Nunez. Students don’t realize the role vice principals play in a campus’s culture and schools’ functionality. Mrs. Nunez and Mr. Peters have supported our students and staff to the best of their abilities since they arrived at Bullard.    

          When Mr. Peter’s first saw the Bullard campus, he thought it was beautiful. He was already familiar with BHS and thought that the students and staff were friendly.  Ms. Nunez explained that her first impression of the school was that the staff was welcoming. She enjoys being on campus.  

         Prior to Bullard High, Mr. Peters was the principal at Tehipite Middle School. Before that, he taught science and math for 16 years at Fresno High School. He reminisced how fond he was of teaching. Ms. Nunez made it clear that this was her first year of being a vice principal, and she was excited to see what was in store for her.

        To improve BHS, Mr. Peters talked about bringing more emotional support to students. He wants to give students a stronger sense of respect and to make them feel more welcomed at school. Ms. Nunez wants to encourage students to do better in school academically and to provide more moral support. Mr. Peters stated that it is enjoyable being a V.P. because he likes interacting with others and loves having a great community to support him. Ms. Nunez says that being a vice principal is an extremely busy job.

            Mr. Peters stated, “My message to the students would be that you should give your best for everything even when you’re unsure for the future.” And Ms. Nunez said, “I would want to tell the students that quarantine is a short period of time in our lives, and we should not take advantage of the things we have, and we should be hopeful.” The new BHS vice principals are very energetic people. When the student body returns to campus, make sure to welcome Ms. Nunes and Mr. Peters