BHS Musical Little Women


Ciann Roman

A heroic tale told through the eyes of Jo March and her siblings as they discover what it means to love and accomplish their dreams. The theatre group is going to start off May with a powerful performance based on Louisa May Alcott’s novel Little Women.

Bullard’s theatre performers have been preparing this show for the entire year due to an intensely long filming process. The actresses and actors in the show are Bullard’s outstanding students: Sofia Valencia plays Jo March; Sophie Sapatjian plays Beth March; Mia Moore plays Meg March; Audrey Agbayani plays Amy March; Mallory Ketcheside plays Aunt March/Mr. Lauren/Mrs. Kirk; Marcus Spencer plays Laurie; Edward Fontaine plays Professor Bhaer; Krit Pasricha plays John Brooke.

Sofia Valencia, who plays Jo March, gave an inside look at the process and dedication it took for this performance to come together. “You never know what the full outcome is gonna be until you do it. We didn’t know when anything was going to happen. We just had to hope for the best.” The online hybrid process created many barriers for the students and Covid guidelines stopped them from in person work for a long time. Sophia also explained what her character meant to her and it’s importance. “I adore Jo. To have a woman in the 1860s move into the city, make a career for herself, not care what anyone thinks is amazing. To be able to play a character who’s passionate, stubborn, and gritty “gives me the goosies” as Grimes would say.”

The Performance with will be available online starting May 6th at 7:30pm through Saturday, May 8th at 11:59pm. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased from Marc Gonzalez, the theatre teacher, through cash or check in his box and directly from him in his classroom or online soon. People will watch the performance online through zoom. This is the theatre’s last big production of the 2021 school year, and it is always best with a big audience, so without further ado break a leg superstars!