Bullard NCAA System


Judith Boyadjian

Many students who are involved in athletics struggle to get enough high school credits. To help combat this issue Mrs.Dayna Hill-Clark created the Bullard NCAA Support System. 

In order to reach the right people Mrs.Dayna Hill-Clark is provided with a list of students who need support. She evaluates their progress and works with the student’s councilors to create a credit recovery plan. After this it is decided if the student will need tutoring provided to them by the NCAA. The system has shown a good amount of progress with an estimated 75 students currently active in the program. They have been tracking 7 academically at-risk 11th graders, of those students 5 have shown improvement in their quarter 3 GPA’s compared to their semester 1 GPA’s. 

The support system is still developing and improvements are being made, but overall this program has had good success. Student-athletes that believe they need academic aid can contact their coach for help to enroll in the NCAA’s system.