Opinions on Coming Back to School


Tabitha Andrews

On August 12th, 2021, Bullard High School opened its doors to all students after a year and a half of online school. As well as adjusting to being back at school, people have had to adjust to the new regulations that have been introduced. These include wearing masks, different schedules, longer school days, and seating charts.  

Students and staff have many thoughts about being back in person. “I’d prefer to be in person this year, so I don’t mind the changes.” says Riley E, a senior. Riley has a lot of classes that she would prefer to take in person rather than online. This is the case for a lot of students, as some classes are just too difficult or not fun to take online. Dr. Alvarado also prefers to be in person. He is looking forward to seeing the students every day and watching them participate in school activities, and he wants to create a positive culture in school where kids are looking forward to coming every day. He says, “What I really want to do is give the seniors a great year and have every single one of them walk across the stage at graduation.” Sophomore Mili Gonzales says she is having trouble focusing in person, especially on the new block days, but that she is still looking forward to experiencing high school. Mili stated “I’m looking forward to continuing my education in a good environment by surrounded by good friends.” This is something many students were looking forward to and perhaps what students missed the most last school year. When asked if he thought online school would resume Anthony Spino, a freshman, said “Yeah, eventually we will go back online.” Like many students he is having trouble adjusting to different teachers, but is looking forward to having a good year and making the most of it nonetheless.  

While many are having trouble adjusting to being in person, it seems that most people are happy to be back despite the changes. At this point people are just glad that they are out of their house back with their friends.