Problems in the Parking Lot


Riley Ehrenberg

Many students and teachers at Bullard are frustrated with the state of the parking lots after school. So many people trying to leave at once creates chaos and confusion for everyone involved. It is important to create a safe and controlled environment for drivers, especially those who just received their license. To accomplish this something must be done about the way traffic is managed at Bullard.

Ashley Cummings, A senior at Bullard, described leaving after school as, “A long, chaotic process that can be somewhat dangerous.” The parking lot is like this due to people cutting others off, parents crowding to pick up their kids, and a lack of awareness in this uncontrolled environment.

This issue is not hard to fix, it could actually be quite simple. Cummings suggests that the entrance gate should remain closed from 3:15-3:25. This would allow students and teachers to leave before parent pickup. Another solution is to have staff monitor the parking lots from 3:15-3:30, to direct traffic and ensure that people follow guidelines. As well as designating a specific spot for parent pickup to create more space for students and staff.