Bullard Dress Code


Alexis Garza

The dress code is an issue for some students. According to the Fresno Unified district, the dress code is necessary to maintain an appropriate learning environment. Students are not allowed to wear tube tops, half shirts, halters, or see-through shirts. No clothing or accessory should have profanity, obscene words or pictures, sexually suggestive statement, or incites to the violence displayed on their shirt. No representation of gang-related accessories or gang-related tops. A thigh cannot be exposed entirely such as micro-minis or short shorts, bathing suits, or cut-offs. Undergarments cannot be exposed, as well as wearing items promoting drugs or alcohol. Clothing that is libelous, bullying, constitutes harassment or discrimination shouldn’t be displayed. Fresno Unified enforced the dress code because they thought that students would get distracted by the clothing other students wear. 

In my opinion, students should be able to wear what they want as long as it isn’t harmful to other students or gang-related, such as t-shirts with hate speech or violence towards one’s opinion/beliefs. “For me personally I don’t agree with the dress code and feel as though students should be free to express themselves through clothing,” said by a Bullard student. Girls should be allowed to wear what they want whether it’s tank tops, tube tops, or crop tops without getting dress coded because they are dressed “inappropriately” for school. A shoulder or chest isn’t going to stop others from learning or paying attention in class. Students should be able to control themselves to not get distracted by another student wearing “revealing” clothing. A student’s learning shouldn’t be interrupted by getting pulled out of class to discuss their choice of clothing unless it’s gang-related or displays violence. “Staff should care more about the education students are learning more than what they are wearing.” The dress code shouldn’t be mandatory for school. Instead, students should be able to walk into school without being stopped and asked to change.