Dual Enrollment


Zachary Gadams

Bullard High School is offering classes in collaboration with Fresno City College as a part of the dual enrollment program. Dual enrollment classes give students an opportunity to earn both college and high school credits, in an authentic college experience. 

Dual enrollment saves students time and money in the long run. Completion of a dual enrollment course gives both college and high school credits, providing students with two of the twenty required courses to earn their Associate’s degree,  if they pass both semesters. If students properly plan their course load, dual enrollment could potentially save themselves thousands of dollars when earning their college degree. Given the exorbitant price of higher education nowadays, dual enrollment courses can be a lifesaver for many students, especially when utilized in conjunction with financial aid programs. 

Additionally, dual enrollment courses help students to adjust to the intense pace of higher education. Dual enrollment courses are an opportunity for high schoolers to experience the rigor and pace of a college class. “DE is a much faster pace and a lot of outside reading and homework. There maybe some lecture here and there, but for the most part, students create the content of the course.  It is a more seminar style.  This is a big shift from how high school is structured most of the time,” says Ms. Fischle, the dual enrollment English teacher. Many students struggle through their first years of college, finding it difficult to adjust the loose structure and increased workload. Dual enrollment can be a valuable experience for anyone looking to pursue higher education. It gives them an idea of what to expect, so they aren’t blindsided when they get to college. 

Still, the dual enrollment program isn’t for everyone. The increased workload may be too much for students who already need additional academic support in order to graduate. Additionally, failing a dual enrollment course negatively affects both your high school and college transcripts. Moreover, AP test scores are an important metric for college admissions at many schools. While the experience of taking a dual enrollment course can be enriching, it’s important to consider how it intersects with your long-term academic plans. 

If you’re interested in the dual enrollment program, consult with your academic counselor to see if it’s right for you. For additional information on dual enrollment, visit the Fresno City College website.