The Headphone and Watch Policy at Bullard


Kaila Tinsley

     The implementation of new tech policies has stirred some controversy on the Bullard campus. The initial expectation was to lock electronics in their Yondr pouches for the entirety of the school day or leave their electronics at home altogether. These items now include all wireless headphones/earbuds, electronic watches, & smartphones.

Students are allowed to wear headphones on campus as long as they have visible wires that are connected to their laptops. When asked about the specifics of the new rules Mr. Torigian said to expect a detailed review of the new headphones & watches policy in an upcoming Knight Watch episode but that the referral policy for phones also applies to issues surrounding watches & wireless headphones.

These new additions to the smartphone policy are partially due to students’ behavior regarding the original policy. Despite most students strongly disagreeing that the new rules are effective, the principal claims, “Teachers have seen huge behavioral improvements in behavior, participation, & grades.”

In an interview with Principal Torigian, he stated, “If there was a way to do that without pouches I would love that” but his goal for the school is ultimately a smartphone-free environment. He understands how addicting technology & social media can be so if students are struggling to adjust to the new changes he wants them to know “We’re not mean, come talk to us & we’ll get things rolling.”

Although this is not the case for all teachers that are now experiencing difficulties because they have not yet been provided with equipment to compensate for the change. Mr. Torigian mentioned during our interview that “Society has changed and we are trying to figure out how to deal with it” but he had very little preparation when planning this very dynamic shift in campus culture.

The issues/complaints teachers are dealing with because of these new rules are being blatantly ignored. When I attempted to ask about this in our interview he deflected the question stating, “We’re taking little wins here and there our V.P. & teachers are working hard.”

Principal Torigian is choosing to focus on the positive outcomes of the new campus culture & preserver forward. He emphasized, “You can see a shift.”