Drive Club


Malaak Ayesh

Give back to your community and connect with your peers through Bullard’s Drive Club. The Drive Club was established in 2016 by former Bullard student, Mark Topoozian, with the purpose of community service. His first major project was a food recovery program, which allowed for student’s leftovers to be collected and repurposed. Bins were placed in the cafeteria for students to leave their sealed leftovers for redistribution rather than being thrown away. Topoozian’s program was a success and has been implemented in different schools around the Bullard area. The food recovery program was only the beginning of the amazing community service this club would participate in. 

The club has been involved in many community outreach activities, including but not limited to canned food drives, toy drives, Kids Days and packing holiday food boxes for the less fortunate. They contributed to the Central Valley Community Food Bank, California Armenian Nursing Home and even Bullard’s annual farmer’s market. Some of their upcoming activities include Kids Day, elementary school workshops, and Sock-tober. The Sock-tober drive will provide beanies, socks, gloves, and other winter items for those in need. Mrs. Morris, sponsor of the club, is hopeful they will be able to participate In Kids Day this year after being online for the past several years. 

Sister of the founder and now president of the club, Mallory Topoozian, has participated in Drive Club activities for years. Topoozian stated, “It is important to help your community because it helps you connect with the people around you, familiarize yourself with the community, help you grow as a person, and overall, makes you feel good.” It is crucial for students to be involved and connected within their community. The Drive Club is especially perfect for seniors who need to fulfill their community service hours and are not sure where to start. Join the clubs remind @drivebhs to stay updated on future events. For any questions email Mrs. Morris @[email protected] or stop by S102.