Investors Club


Elijah Romero

Bullard has lots of clubs to offer, from the Latinos Unidos to Chess! There’s a multitude of opportunities for all student’s interests. One that has made a large impact at Bullard is the Investors Club.  Their mission is to teach its members how to invest and how to be financially smart with their money. Qualities taught have included how to participate in real estate, manage a credit card, and build up credit.

As of this year, the current club president is Roman Vandemark and the vice president is Matt Zuber. Regarding the club’s weekly activities, Vandemark stated, “We share our views on the current state of the market and what we believe will happen shortly.”.

Furthermore, Vandemark talked about the types of competitions they have participated in, explaining, “This year we’ve competed in the Wharton Global Investment Challenge, testing our various portfolio strategies.”.

In regards to investments made in actuality, Vandemark stated, “I’ve just invested in the market as a whole using a fund called SPY, and I believe that’s the best investment I’ve made yet.”.

Vandemark gave some advice to fellow aspiring investors and people interested in the world of finance, expressing, “My favorite lesson was probably when I learned from the best investor ever, Warren Buffet. Watching his speeches are extremely valuable and I’ve learned to only invest in companies I’d own myself, as I wouldn’t want to risk putting money in a business, I don’t see surviving the next few years or months.”

The Investors Club is open at N51 on Thursdays at lunch to all people who are interested in investing or who are interested in learning about various topics of finance and trade.