Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration


Alexis Garza

This month is Hispanic Heritage Month, a month to recognize and appreciate the important contributions of Hispanic Americans to the United States. Bullard High school kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month with a celebration in the quad on September 16th.

AP Spanish and the Spanish Club hosted the event at lunch with the support of Ritmo Latino, which brought a Folklórico dance troupe to perform. Folklórico dance or Baile Folklórico in Spanish is a traditional Mexican style of dance that emphasizes local folk culture. The group dressed in brightly colored skirts and dresses, fanning and rippling them like waves as they twirled and stamped to the beat of the music. The dances consist of highly choreographed, exaggerated movements reminiscent of ballet.

After the dance concluded, trumpets played, and students chanted “Viva!” to commemorate Mexican Independence. Students from AP Spanish got together with a teacher from Tenaya, known as “Señora” and danced to show their appreciation towards Hispanic Heritage Month. Music continued to play for the remainder of lunch in celebration of this important cultural event.