Peter and the Star-Catcher

Olivia Bright

The BHS spring play, Peter and the Star-catcher opens on March 24.

Peter and the Star-catcher, is a reboot of Peter Pan. It is based off a novel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, that was adapted into a play by Rick Elice. The story follows a girl named Molly Aster and a boy, who embark on an adventure to find a mysterious trunk. 

The drama teacher, 
Mr. Gonzalez, is directing the play. When asked about his expectations for the play, he said, “The play will be funny, entertaining, and unlike anything Bullard high school has ever seen” He also shared how excited he was to direct this play, “It’s a show I’ve always wanted to do!”

Lily Kesterson, who plays the female lead, said, “I was so excited, I just wanted to start practicing right away!” Marcus Spencer, who plays the main villain, shared his excitement saying, “I was so excited when I got the part! Practice is going great and I’m having a lot of fun!”  Diego Sosa, who plays the male lead said, “I’m very excited! I saw the show at Clovis North about three years earlier and loved it. The Boy was such a standout character in that production, so getting  the opportunity to take on that role is extremely exciting!” 

This is going to be an amazing play! Once again, opening night is March 24th and the show will run until April 2. Showtimes on weekdays and weekends are at 7:30 pm. If you have any other questions, visit @bhs_feastoffools on Instagram.