ALPS Program


Tabitha Andrews

Flower beds are springing up around campus! The students that planted these flowers are a part of the ALPS program, which stands for Alternative Learning Pathways.

ALPS is a program for people with disabilities. This program helps students learn world skills.Mr. Gerrtis, the special ed teacher, said, “Things like just opening the door and saying ‘Welcome to Bullard’ or shredding paper can really help them in the future.” 

After the new buildings were built about 5 years ago all the plants were destroyed, so the ALPS program decided to do something about it. “We thought that having them plant flowers and trees would bring back some color to the campus.” stated Gerrtis.  When asked about new upcoming projects, Gerrtis talked about wanting to plant flowers at the front of the school in the cement planters.  

ALPS is a great program, that helps disabled students learn real world skills and gives back to the community.