Move-up Day


Madison Parker

The 8th graders from Bullard’s feeder schools, Tenaya, Baird, Wawona, and Bullard Talent are about to start their first year of high school. The Bullard Link Crew and Leadership hosted a Move-up Day so these students can get a look at what’s to come next school year.

 The first move up day was for the visiting Tenaya Braves. There was a rally with amazing events, like tunnel cheering, a dance battle, and an introduction and welcoming message from Bullard’s Principal Arman Torigian. Mr. Gonzalez said, “I loved dancing with the infamous Mr. Lemay, and I was happy we brought together both high school and middle school students showing the 8th graders are welcomed and already a part of the school’s environment.” Link Crew members took the 8th graders on tours around campus and through the Electives Fair. At the fair, club members gave the 8th graders more insight on what Bullard has to offer. Mr. Gonzalez stated, “everything went very well on our end, and the Link Crew and leadership students handled the tours very well.”

 The last two move up days hosted Wawona, Baird, and Bullard Talent. “We made a very welcoming environment for all the students with what time we had left,” stated Link Crew member Barel Abraham. “I feel that the rally went great. Our Leadership teacher, Miss Karkazian, and ASB Activities Director Kenzie King, set up an amazing rally full of entertainment from our JV cheer team, Varsity pep team, and Bullard’s Band.”

Move-up Day 2022 was a success on both Bullard’s end and the middle schoolers end. Link Crew and Leadership put on an amazing event to welcome the incoming 8th graders and showed them what Bullard has to offer. Move-up Day has allowed middle schoolers to incorporate themselves into the Knight lifestyle and get excited for the next chapter in their lives.