BHS Rallies Revived!


Elijah Romero

BHS rally brings large crowd to their first football game of the season.

Friday the 19th, Bullard High held its first rally in over 2 years. The Candyland-themed rally opened with the band playing the school’s fight song. Senior, Jahvon Howard stated; “The cooperation between the band playing and the Leadership DJ actually worked really well.”

After students settled into class sections in the bleachers of the gym, the Pep squad began their performance that excited the crowd with pirouettes, toe touches, and heal stretches, sending the spectators into a roar of delight. The MC’s, Bella Martinez; Ian Caceres; and Michael “Big Mike” McKinlay, kept the crowd engaged and excited to participate. They accomplished this by moving from section to section to get students to cheer, using the microphones skillfully, and keeping the flow of the rally in motion.

The MC’s continued the rally by coordinating the class games; Mario Kart, Finish the Lyrics, and Tug-of-War. For Mario Kart, one student from each grade was selected from the crowd to get on a wiggle car and race through obstacles on the way to reach the finish line. The game Tug-of-war was a four-team activity, comprising of a senior, junior, sophomore, and freshmen team. Each grade level chose 10 students and some members of the football team tagged along. According to Cheerleader Aleena Guizar, “The Tug-of-War was the best game because of all the student involvement.” The last game played was Finish the lyric where students were given a song, and as the name implies, they finished the lyrics. Each song was different for each grade. The freshman’s song was “As it Was” by Harry Styles, the sophomore’s song was “Umbrella” by Rhianna, the juniors sang along to “Good for You” by Olivia Rodrigo, and the seniors had “Industry Baby” by Lil Nas X. Bryza Arreola, senior said; “It was a great success for the first rally in several years.”