Red Ribbon Week Recap


Malaak Ayesh

Many students participate in the activities for Red Ribbon Week, but the majority are oblivious to its actual significance. Red Ribbon Week is a drug prevention awareness campaign that was introduced by First Lady Nancy Raegan in 1985. It was established in honor of the United States Drug Enforcement Officer, Enrique Camarena, who was kidnapped and killed by drug traffickers. The campaign allows students to pledge their sobriety by wearing a red ribbon. 

Bullard High honored the Red Ribbon with a spirit week called, “Nightmare on Barstow: Drugs Are a Nightmare.”

Starting on Monday, October 24th, “Be A Hero, Say No to Drugs” marked a day for students to dress up as their favorite heroes. Some campus highlights were Superman, Flash, and Batman.

On Tuesday, “Hocus Pocus, Drugs Are Not Our Focus,” students dressed as their favorite movie character. Notable costumes were Pearl, The Joker, Walter White, and Jessie Pinkman,

On Wednesday, students embodied, “Drugs Are Despicable,” where they dressed up as the infamous minion and other characters from Despicable Me 2010. Then during lunch, we watched Gru, Vector, and many Minions participate in a water balloon fight.

Thursday, “Monster Mash: Scaring the Drugs Away,” students dressed as their favorite monster characters. And finally, on Friday “So Much Spirit It’s Scary,” we went all out in neon for the game against Edison, sadly losing 37-14, handing over the rival trophy.

After getting familiar with the history of Red Ribbon Week, students made informative posters to hang around the school. These posters can be found throughout the school. Each one uniquely tells the story of Enrique Camarena, keeping his spirit alive.