Cookies n’ Cram


Arriyah Champion

On Wednesday, December 7th, Link Crew hosted a tutoring session to help freshmen study for their first finals as high school students. Link Crew holds events year around in hopes to incorporate freshmen into Bullard. The Cookies and Cram session was after school until 4:30, in the library, with an array of cookies and drinks.

Link crew members sat in sections of school courses, with Freshmen who needed help with studying. They had a great turnout with a little over 25 students coming in for help. Link Crew has been hosting these events for a couple of years now, and they continue to do so.

These events allow freshmen to feel involved and heard within this new environment. High School can be a huge change for freshmen, especially after COVID-19 cut short their middle school experience. Link Crew allows Freshmen to have someone with high school experience to come to for advice.

The Cookies and Cram was a Freshman only tutor session, with great success, just before finals week.