Road Trip Rally

Mariah Phelps

The Road trip Rally was held on January 27 in the BHS north gym. To recap, the rally games consisted of hungry hippo and pack your bags. The hungry hippo game was played with 2 long pieces of paper, a skateboards, and a bunch of balloons. There were 2 players from each grade level team: one laying on the skateboard and the other pushing it with their feet. While pushing, the other would get all the balloons they could collect in a basket.  The team that collected the most balloons won. In the other game, called pack your bags, players were given a list of items to pack. They were tasked with located said items in the crowd and packing their luggage. And again, the team that collected the most items won the game.

A junior, who went to Rally A, replied: “The best part was the blonde-haired girl signing; the worst part was the crowd cheering; they had no energy. The balloon game was an accident waiting to happen. There could have been serious injuries.”  The junior continued with what she wouldn’t forget about the rally. “The people putting up their laptops as flashlights for the singers”. Something she thinks should be at the next rally is “funny games and for the dance teams to get to preform.”

A response from a senior in Rally B: “The best part was when Emme sang. The worst part was probably what the sports team did when they came out, it was kinda lame and not hype. It would have been better by letting the team captains say something. I would like to see more games, maybe some that are teachers against students. One thing I won’t forget is the signing, it was so good. A suggestion for the next rally would be a dance battle, maybe teacher against student.”

A teacher in Rally A: “The best part was having everyone together celebrating and cheering when our sports teams came out to be recognized. The worst part was school chants! Students can scream so much louder! Students need to stand and get really into it. How can they improve? Get the cheerleaders to get their classes fired up! They should get up in the stands and get everyone cheering. I will never forget Emme Biggs singing Whitney Houston and bringing me to tears. Students were cheering and making videos with their laptops! Get the staff involved, maybe they compete alongside the classes. A suggestion would be to give an incentive to the class that earns the most points at the rally: points for games, chants, and sportsmanship! Great rally! So proud of our leadership classes for working so hard!”

Overall, this was rally was great! The most memorable part for the students and staff would be the swaying computers instead of phones since we can’t. A lot of people really liked this rally! The rallies always have room for improvement, and I hope that the next rally is even better! Those who were involved with the rally did a great job. I hope all of Bullard students had a great time.