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“Highlights” first same-sex couple picture

Madison Garcia, Staff Writer

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Early into the new year an article is slated to be published about same-sex couples in children’s magazine Highlights. They are going to publish the article due to complaints from LGBT readers. I disagree with putting same sex couples in children’s magazines.

Parents should be the ones to explain this kind of stuff to their children. If their kids see it and have questions, what if their parents aren’t ready to give an explanation or just don’t want to give one? The article says same-sex couples are still new, so parents should bring their kids into this new subject.

Conservatives won’t stand for this, they’ll give up if the don’t get their way and cancel their subscriptions. Although so will the same-sex activist if they don’t get their way. Either way they’ll be loosing as many subscribers as they’ll gain. Highlights is already getting complaints.

There’s lots of controversy over this topic since it just became legal. No matter what they do, people will be upset so if not putting pictures in children’s magazines is working then don’t fix what’s not broken.

It’s not that they are against same-sex couples. It’s just that they have to appeal to the majority. Activists should put themselves in the parents perspectives. The have the right to choose what and what not to expose their kids to in the world. That’s why I disagree with putting same-sex couples in kid’s magazines.

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The news site of Bullard High School.
“Highlights” first same-sex couple picture