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Same Sex Marriage picture in children’s magazine

Madilynn Fowler, Staff Writer

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After reading the article “Highlights Children’s magazine to publish image of same-sex couple for the first time since controversy” by Justin Mayer, I personally agree with this article. The media needs to start covering the diversity in this world.

One reason I agree with this article is because same sex marriage is important. Everything is about equality. Anyone and everyone should be treated equal, therefore magazines need to include same sex couples in their issues.

Another reason I support this article is because being open minded is in the world we live in is such a wonderful thing. People should think that its okay to be in a same sex relationship, an interracial relationship, etc. and it makes anyone who is in those kinds of relationships feel a lot more comfortable.

And my last reason for supporting this article and its decision is that kids shouldn’t have to grow up being clueless to things like this going on around them. Sometimes parents have trouble bringing up topics like this to their younger children, but if kids grow up seeing things like this not only will it make it easier on the parent(s)\guardian(s), the child will grow up knowing things like this are normal.

As I’ve said before I agree strongly with the magazines choices and I think it’ll benefit a lot of people in the long run. And if you’re one of the few people who don’t agree with the magazines choice, simply don’t read the magazines.

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Same Sex Marriage picture in children’s magazine