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Profanity On Campus

Jada Stovall, Staff Writer

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A common reason why teenagers swear today is to be considered cool. That is a part of why profanity spreads around schools. Students and administrators have realized it is becoming worse over the years. It is important we start to make a change before it becomes regular in everyone’s vocabulary.

Armen Torigian , our Vice Principle at Bullard high school, says, ” Profanity has became very vigorously from I was a student here.” He also believes it is important for students not to swear because they won’t know different ways of expressing their feelings.

Students on our campus agree that a lot of teenagers use profanity. Most students think teens swear at school to be accepted by their peers. If you walk down a hallway you are able to hear a conversation that involves cuss words. Students language values are just different not getting better nor worse.

Adolescents are having more trouble adjusting their conversations to fit their audience. Children in elementary schools are swearing more often nowadays as well. I believe the reason teens and children are cussing in schools is to be socially accepted and also hearing the words from adults at home. A way we could stop this problem from increasing would be to lead by example, if your friends swear so much don’t respond with the same and see how much less they start to swear. Small changes can make a big impact.

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Profanity On Campus