Fall Fashion!

Juliana Alcala, Staff Writer

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As the weather changes and it gets colder, it can be hard to transition from trying to stay cool in 100 degree weather to staying warm while still having cute outfits. Going from summer clothes to fall clothes is something I look forward to every year. Being able to throw on a big sweater is always comfortable, although you can fall in routine of wearing jeans and a sweater everyday. Here are some ideas of how to stay warm while still staying fashionable.

Geraldine Pizarro, Senior

Here is an easy look that is comfy and still cute. Here, senior Geraldine Pizarro is wearing a long sleeve crew neck with a picture on it, a black pencil skirt and Doc Martens. This look is easy to create because you can throw on your favorite crew neck and put on a pencil skirt and you already look more put together than you would just wearing jeans and a sweater. This outfit is especially convenient because of how it is cold in the morning and warmer in the afternoon as we are leaving school, so it keeps you prepared for both types of weather.

Makayla Ellis, Senior

For this look, senior Makayla Ellis, wore high wasted pin stripped pants, a cropped The 1975 band tee, a red jean jacket and Doc Martens with yellow laces. These are all simple pieces that can be put together to make such an edgy, cute, put together fall outfit while still staying warm and comfortable. Adding the red jean jacket and yellow laces adds pops of color to a mostly black outfit and compliments each other well. Also adding bunched up bracelets, rings, and a chain necklace makes the outfit look more edgy and makes the look seem like it had a lot of effort put into it.

Juliana Alcala, Senior

Here is a super easy look that only consists of two things and is still super cute. For this look, I’m wearing a multi-colored denim skirt with different colored denims going in a V-direction and a front zipper. For the top, I am wearing a ribbed black off-the-shoulder long sleeve. A skirt alone can make an outfit seem like it had so much effort put into it.

Geraldine Pizarro, Senior

For this look, senior Geraldine wore an off the shoulder black long sleeve that bunched up around the shoulders, she paired that with gray jeans that had black jean patches on the knee. The different colored denim jeans adds character to the outfit. Geraldine paired this outfit with blue and black striped platforms sandals. Try to wear your sandals while you still can! Lastly, for jewelry she wore two simple chokers with silver stars hanging from it.

Viviana Melgoza, Senior

For this final look, senior Viviana wore a black long sleeve mock neck with pants that had a small black and white plaid print on them. She paired this with a yellow coat along with a scarf wrapped around her neck. For shoes, she wore Doc Marten platform Mary Jane’s. Adding the yellow coat and the scarf adds pops of color to the look.

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