Double-Standards, Discrimination, Degrading! It’s not right

Aris Welch and Kelsey Patton, Staff Writer

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Serena Williams at age 37, is ranked the number 1 singles player in the world and she was back again to claim her 9th title in a row. Her opponent, Naomi Osaka, a 20-year-old female, now the champion of the US Open, made history by being the first Japanese women to ever win the big title.  Osaka defeated her childhood idol Serena Williams in the recent US Open, but she didn’t get the triumph victory she deserved due to multiple violations being called on Williams. 

The umpire, Carlos Ramos had called multiple violations on Williams that she was falsely charged with. Williams had received her first violation, from “receiving coaching” from her coach. Williams did not bother to say anything about the violation and continued playing. He then called two more violations on Williams then which made her furious. She flung the racquet to the floor in disbelief, (which resulted in a $17,000 fine) she continued to argue with the umpire. He then “stole” one of Williams points and gave it to Osaka. Williams proceeded to argue and ended up calling him a “thief” for what he had done.  

Serena Williams has always been known to speak her mind and not be ashamed of it, that is precisely what she did. Serena stated in a heated tone, ”I don’t cheat to win, I’d rather lose!” While the verbal altercation between Williams and the umpire was happening, she called for the officials and stated that she was exhausted of getting treated differently, due to not only being a woman, but an African American woman. It’s true she does get treated differently; all women do, in any sport. Serena received a penalty for smashing her racket, while men just get a warning, men argue with refs all the time, but when women do it, it is “verbal abuse”. It is not only in tennis that women get treated differently, it happens to most women athletes in other sports. Not only the female athletes, but even female reporters are not allowed to do specific things. Some are not allowed in press boxes because their gender. 

Williams and many other female athletes are alerted for what their actions are, what they are doing wrong, etc. Other than Williams’s controversy occurring with Ramos, that is not the only topic that the officials have attacked her with. Her “catsuit” the other topic that the officials pointed out to Williams.  

In May she attended the French Open, just seven short months after giving birth to her daughter, Alexis. During the birth of her daughter, she had come across a few complications; Williams nearly died. The doctors had found blood clots in her lungs as well her abdomen. As a professional athlete who had given birth in previous months, she took her health into precaution. Serena wore what many people called a “catsuit.” It was a pair of pants and a shirt that were designed specifically for her, to lower her risk of blood clots forming. The officials told Williams that her suit was too revealing and too skin tight, due to a few male officials who thought she was disrespecting the game. 

Due to the complications about Williams’s attitude with the umpire, Osaka didn’t receive the victory she deserved, though she did defeat Serena Williams. The fans did not necessarily need to give Osaka the attention of her winning. She knew that she won, she knew what she accomplished, and she did not any reassurance on that. By her facial expressions, you could tell what she was feeling, enjoyment, excitement, though she was upset. You could say it wasn’t the big celebration everyone is used to.

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