Wonder Woman 1984 Review


The newest live action film in the DC comics series has arrived! It features the strong-willed Amazon princess, Diana Prince, more commonly known as Wonder Woman. Released December 25th, 2020 Wonder Woman 1984 received millions of views and was streamed by viewers all around the world. This installment into the DC live action universe gave us a greater understanding and look into Wonder Womans past before she became a well-known hero and a member of the justice league. 

As the Title suggest the story is set out in 1984, lots of popular films, new fashion, and bright sunny days. The setting of the film varies from where the antagonist, Maxwell Lord, takes the Dreamstone. The Dreamstone is an object created by the Greek god Dolos, a God of Mischief and lies, the stone allows the holder to make any wish, but it comes at a cost equal to the wish. To stop Maxwell, Wonder Woman must make the decision to stop looking back on the past and move forward to the future when her lover, Steve Trevor, comes back from the dead. Barbara Minerva, a very shy and reserved lady must make her choice between her humanity and her greed. Faced against multiple threats that could end the World, Wonder Woman must use all her strength to defeat the greed that rots within the minds in all of humanity. 

Now that you’ve been introduced to the story and its characters, it’s time for the movie review! The overall settings, props, and characters in the movie were extremely well done. Setting details were very weird and comical, especially when the apocalypse setting was brought in. As for props Wonder woman got a chance to wear some ancient amazon warrior armor that seemed to function nicely for her fight with Cheetah. The effects on Cheetah were also very well done, it seemed to move with her body very well for the action scenes. One of the ideas in the film when Wonder Woman made her invisible jet with her own powers was cool, however I was disappointed that it didn’t stay as part of her character just because she can fly; Hopefully it gets applied to the Justice league jet. The Theme and plot of the film were very well done, trying to give us an inside look into how evil, destructive, and greedy peoples desires can be. I was however not expecting the cheesy speech to save the world ending. If she couldn’t convince him to back down with her godly powers, even though he somehow had obtained some of his own, suddenly it was the truth that would set the world free. The acting in the film was very well done, especially for Gal Gadot and Chris pine ( Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor). The emotions from the actors when Wonder Woman had to Take back her wish and move on from her past was executed very well. Each character had a roll to play that gave its own special element to the film, and overall I would say the movie was a total success.