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Tabitha Andrews

From hand sanitizer to toilets, things are being stolen all over school. Around the beginning of September 2021, a TikTok trend began where students are prompted to steal an item from school and post it on TikTok. They call this tren “Devious Licks.” Things like soap dispensers, exit signs, toilets, safety signs for fire rescue, cleaning supplies, classroom telephones, and much more are being taken. This month at Bullard High a toilet was stolen out of the boy’s bathroom. This caused the bathrooms to be shut down. “I just think it’s annoying because when it first happened we had to wait in a crazy line to go to the bathroom because they were only allowing a few to be open” says senior Zachary Gadams

According to the Urban Dictionary, the word “lick” means “successful type of theft which results in an acceptable, impressive and rewarding payday” for the thief. This trend started with TikTok user “jugg4elias”, who posted a video showing off a box of masks they stole, garnering over 345,800 views. While some people may think this trend is funny and write it off as harmless, there are a few things to consider before participating in it. 

First, the property or item you are damaging or stealing will cost money to replace. Second, beyond school punishment, “devious licks” could have legal ramifications. Before you think about hitting a “devious lick” and sharing it on social media, think about how you would feel if it was your belongings that were being taken.

But this isn’t it. A list has come out with the different trends for each month. Before listing these on behalf of the Bullard Charger staff we would like to say that none of this is okay and no Bullard student should take part in any of these activities. 

Aug-sleep in late

Sep-mess up a toilet/vandalize(Devious Lick)

Oct-smack a staff member

Nov-kiss your friends girlfriend

Dec-deck the halls and show you private parts

Jan-jab a breast 

Feb-mess up school signs 

March-make a mess in cafeteria or court yard

April-steal something

May-ditch day 

June-flip off the front office 

July-spray a neighbor fence

These challenges have not only made teachers mad but also disappointed in there students. Charles Grimes English and Journalism teacher at Bullard High School said “I found it interesting that students would act in a way that could cause them to be arrested and also destroy restrooms that they need, its just illogical and I don’t understand it.” But its not just the teachers its also the students that are upset. “To me I feel like its very childish, stupid, and can get you in trouble and to be honest I just don’t think its worth it.” 

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