AP Updates and Info


Ciann Roman

May is the month where students prepare for big tests and have finals, but AP students know this is the time to crack down hard on their AP subjects in preparation for their own testing. Any subject that is considered Advanced Placement is a college level class that gives students an opportunity to earn college credits and higher course placement when starting college. The AP tests this year are different than past years, and there are some changes that students may need more information on.

The basic information that students need to know is testing dates and how they will be taking the test. Testing dates are from May 18th to May 28th with specific days for each subject. The formats for this year’s testing will be digital and in person. There is a link at the bottom of this article to the exact day, time, and format for all students AP subjects.

The digital test takers need to follow a set of rules and steps to take their tests. Students will be required to download a college board app called Digital Testing, this app allows students to sign in using their college board info. 1-3 days before student’s exams begin they will sign in and complete the exam set up for every subject they are being tested on. On the day of testing students are required to sign in 30 minutes before their exam time so that they can check in. For more information and assistance visit the Step-by-Step guide located at the bottom of this article.

AP tests can seem endless, so students should do their best to take extra time studying and practicing for what is ahead. There are many books, videos, and peers around that can provide information to help students pass. Once again, make sure to check out the links below or call the College Board help desk at 866-630-9305 if there are any further questions.


AP Day, Time, and Format Flyer

AP step by step guide for digital testing