Senior Sunset


Xitlalic Villanueva

On May 10th, 2021, the seniors of Bullard High school experienced senior sunset; the first on campus senior event this year. It was an afternoon where the class of 2021 sat together and enjoyed the last few moments of their senior year with their friends and watched the sun go down. This event was hosted in Bullard’s football bowl, and students were encouraged to bring their own chairs and towels to sit on the grass.

There was food and water offered for students to enjoy and also a table with college flags for students to sign according to the college they would attend next year. According to a Bullard senior, “It was an enjoyable experience and I was very happy to be with my friends on campus for one of the last times ever.” This was a time for students to catch up with their friends and be all together before going off to college.

There was a senior slideshow presented on a screen at the event that displayed pictures that students sent in of their years at Bullard. There were pictures of students at sports events, school dances, hanging out with friends, and funny moments with friends. There was music, there was laughter, and there was nostalgia as the class of 2021 enjoyed one of their last few moments as seniors.