Superbowl season at Bullard

Jacob Markus and Jonah Martinez

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Over these past weeks a lot of things happened in the NFL. A few weeks ago, the conference championships took place.

Jacksonville Jaguars took on the New England Patriots in a closer game than you would think. Jacksonville took a quick lead of the game, and by halftime, they were up 14-10. In the third quarter, the Jaguars managed to get 3 more points and didn’t allow the Patriots to score at all, leaving the score 17-10. The 4th quarter is when it was all downhill for the Jaguars. The Patriots came back to score two touchdowns to lead the game 20-24.

The next game that took place was the Minnesota Vikings against the Philadelphia Eagles. This was not a close game at all. In the first drive of the game, the Vikings marched up the field to score touchdown and went silent after that. The final score was 7-38 with Nick Foles throwing for over 300 yards.

On Sunday, February 4th, the New England Patriots brought their A-game at the 2018 Super Bowl, determined to go home as champions after making that amazing comeback last year against the Atlanta Falcons. On the other hand, the Philadelphia Eagles were out to win their first Super Bowl since ’05, when they ironically lost to the Patriots 24-21.

However, what many people value during the Super Bowl isn’t the games or the commercials, it’s the time spent with family and friends.

A 49ers/ Eagles fan, Landon Maldonado, said that he was only supporting the Eagles because he didn’t want the Patriots to win, a common sentiment in California.“Superbowl parties are a great way to watch the game, eat food and have a good time with your family at the same time,” Maldonado stated.

Before the big game, Bullard student Clayton Yates said, “I’m currently planning to throw a party with about 30 of my friends, music, lights, and food, all to watch the Super Bowl. I support the Eagles because I’ve been supporting them all my life. I believe this party will be one of the funnest and ‘lit’ ones ever.”

Another student, Aiden Haro, had been supporting the Patriots and was betting money on them. Before the game, he stated, “Although many people don’t like the Patriots, they do have a exponential chance of winning.” Even though his family was siding with the Eagles, he was sure that they were going to have fun at the party with friends, family, and a large amount of food.

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